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Central Minnesota Veteran's Historical Council

About Us:
The Central Minnesota Veteran's Historical Council (CMVHC) is a group of citizens, veteran and civilian, from Willmar and the surrounding area. The group was formed in 2009, from a support base of over 150 persons, to pursue the option to create and sustain a multi faceted Military history resource center within the Central Minnesota region. The council Board is made up of seven (7) parties within the area that actively are working to achieve a permanent facility to locate various veteran related resources and historical information.

The support base of this group includes, but is not limited to: military veterans, current military personnel, business owners, tradesman, craftsmen, business professionals, retired persons, and aviators.

The group is currently working out the necessary paperwork for becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. This is an integral part of this organization's ability to be self sufficient and sustainable.

We are working closely with Jonathan Lindstrand to include his collection of military items from the Civil War through the modern day as a permanent part of a final facility plan.

By incorporating a large military musuem along wth a wide variety of resouces for military services and research, we hope to create a unique and valuable asset to the community and region.